Irresponsible budget cuts that slash basic funding for education, public safety, and roads put our state at risk and hurt our families. It is up to us to protect West Virginia by holding lawmakers accountable and demanding real budget solutions to preserve our heritage, safeguard our communities, and secure the state’s future.

That is why we invite you to become part of Protect West Virginia, a coalition of citizens and organizations who oppose further harmful budget cuts and who want to connect West Virginia values to the state’s budget priorities.

According to a recent statewide poll, voters believe the state’s budget shortfall is a very serious problem and 70 percent of West Virginias are willing to pay higher taxes to maintain funding for West Virginia public schools, safety, and our roads and bridges.

West Virginia’s budget deficit is more than $400 million. Not acting means watching 10,000 students lose the PROMISE scholarship; asking our K-12 students to learn in overcrowded classrooms and allowing thousands of teachers and support staff be laid off; and limiting services vital to senior citizens.

In the face of massive budget shortfalls and continued cuts, now is not the time to be silent. Join us in protecting the services we know our citizens value and use daily.

Ways to get involved with Protect West Virginia campaign:

  • Visit our website at to sign on to the campaign;
  • Connect with us at to write a Letter to the Editor;
  • Support revenue-generating policies;
  • Join us for a Protect West Virginia Day at the State Capitol;
  • Engage with us on social media;
  • Share why you want to Protect West Virginia on our website;
  • Reach out to us to write an opinion piece; and
  • Participate in the Protect West Virginia campaign launch.


Protect WV Team

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